Are you intrigued on learning more about acupuncture? Have you heard about it from a friend or relative but just don't understand it well enough or trust someone enough to actually give it a try? Perhaps you already tried it before perhaps for pain but now wonder if it can be used for another type of problem or condition. This website is for you!

       As modern medical science has a hard time trying to prove some of the more fundamental aspects of eastern medicine at the same time they find it difficult to disprove either. This is because of the vast amount of clinical data, patient testimonials and historical references. Einstein once said,

    "If the facts don't fit the theory then change the facts."
I believe what he was trying to point out is that we are far from knowing everything yet...

       Similarly as with the invention of the light bulb and how it made so many other activities much more efficient and functional. Everyday we take a step closer to understanding more fully the inner dynamics of the human body. We take glimpses of it through rigorous research and testing. However, not everything can be tested equally in the same manner of reasoning. Herein lies the conundrum of trying to entirely prove or disprove eastern medicine with western approach and vice versa.


       It is like trying to figure out what an elephant looks like through the lens of a magnifying glass. You'll get a general impression but still won't know what your looking at. Then you will probably blame the elephant for being uncooperative to fullfilling your expectations of what it should appear like!

       As a practitioner of Chinese Medicine one of my favorite experiences is when a patient say's... Thank you. Thank you for helping me. You can see it in their eyes, hear it in their voices. For many this has been their first experience with eastern medicine or alternative therapy. Thank you for your trust in me for your well being. You are the reason for this website.

       As acupuncture becomes more accepted into Western culture many questions begin to surface, some of which are easy to answer, some are not. This is not because the answer is overly complex or abstract, in most cases it is just the opposite. It appears to be too simple, we skip over the most important part of our own health care, that is...ourselves.

       Through modernization we have systematically trained our brains to process and adapt to ever increasing amounts of information and technology. The results have been quite marvelous as most of us would agree that we have more available to us as a species than at any other time in the human saga. However, this has not come without a price tag, a cost which is now being felt in epidemic proportions, we have become more separated from ourselves, from our surroundings, our communities.

       This is the very strength of many alternative therapies as they begins to teach us the integral nature of the body, mind and spirit. They point to another way in which we can learn to live in balance and harmony with ourselves and our surroundings. Everything we do affects the quality of our health, both physical and mental. We begin to have a new perspective over some of the more fundamental insights of the "human condition" and how we ourselves are the key factors to any truly significant long term outcome.

       Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine are one of the greatest achievements to ever blossom out of China. It is a reflection of the evolution of the hearts and minds of her people and culture through millennium. Its usefulness and adaptability have allowed it to spread and take root across all continents, belief systems and people. You might ask why? It is the goal here to present to you some of the more fundamental aspects of the medicine so you too can gain a deeper perspective into the most important part of your well being, you. Welcome to Yin Yang USA.com!

Miguel Maya, L.Ac.

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